k Introduction  

Cmcchess is a computer chess engine program. Before the development of Cmcchess, I had been working on a serial of wuziqi programs named Mcfive for nearly 5 years from 2003 to 2008. It was in April 2009 that I wrote a very simple chess program in order to see the speed of my computer from NPS. However, the development of this program did not stop after that. The skeleton of Cmcchess had not been finished until September 2009. Then I determined to develop a parallel edition of Cmcchess running on SMP(the same as multi-core CPU architecture in programmer's perspective). At the same time, Artificial Intelligence course was open. So I chose "parallel Cmcchess" as my coursework. I added more pruning methods into the program, and implemented MTD(f) algorithm in Cmcchess's parallel search. In August 2010, Cmcchess entered for WBEC Computer Chess Tournament 18th Edition for the first time.

Cmcchess' LOGO: logo

   bishop Acknowledgement  

I really appraciate Mr. Dijksman (Leo Dijksman) who allowed Cmcchess to enter for the WBEC-Ridderkerk tournament. Thanks for Mr. Hair (Adam Hair) who tested my chess engine and added it to his Also-Rans Rating List. Thanks for all the testers of CCRL community, and all members in Talkchess forum who once helped me about my unprofessional questions.

Also, thanks for some other logos designs:

  cmclog_banks   by Graham Banks. Thanks for Mr. Banks!

  by Dusan Stamenkovic. Thanks for Mr. Stamenkovic and ChessMosaic!

   q History Games and Ranks  
   Cmcchess v1.06: WBEC Computer Chess Tournament 18th Edition, ELO1099, August 2010.  
   Cmcchess v2.27: WBEC Computer Chess Tournament 19th Edition, ELO1120, March 2012.  
   Cmcchess v2.5: CCRL 40/4 Rating List, ELO1642, August 2012.  
   Cmcchess v2.6: CCRL Blitz Rating List, ELO2376, May 2015.  
   r Download  
  The latest version of Cmcchess is v2.6. Notice: CmcChess has became a chess engine program that only supported UCI protocol after V2.27. You can use Polyglot to make CmcChess run under WinBoard or XBoard, while in Arena or Cutechess, please set the protocol type as "UCI".  
   Cmcchess v2.6 for Windows_64bit.  
   Cmcchess v2.6 for Win64 with WinBoard GUI and Polyglot.  
   p Other Projects  
coref-logo Viper-Cluster-Perft
An MPI based perft program that starts from the source code of chess engine Viper. My goal of this program is to make a practice of programming for the MPI based parallel alpha-beta search. Thanks for Mr. Romstad (Tord Romstad) who developed the engine Viper and Mr. Shawul (Daniel Shawul) who developed the engine Scorpio. Without their prior work, it might take me much longer time to understand the concepts in parallel search.
cute-mpi Cute-MPI-Interface
A program that allows a cutechess task to be able to run on a computer cluster system with MPICH2. A cutechess task usually involves hundreds or thousands of games. This small tool simply splits the task uniformly, and distributes them on different cluster nodes.
senpai2-reg Senpai2-Regression
A linear regression learner to train the evaluation weight vector of Senpai 2 with the NNUE training data. The current best-performed learned weight has a comparable strength against the original weight of Senpai under the 40moves/5mins time control.
   n About Author  
    Programmer: Ma Chao ("Chao" is my first name), from Tianjin, China.  
    Github: github.com/nkg114mc  
    Personal Site: nkg114mc.com  
    Email: nkg114mc@hotmail.com.